Robert Frese began the study of traditional signmaking in his hometown of Long Beach, California. He was an apprentice for six years at Hardy Sign Co., beginning in 1976. During that time he learned sign painting and fabrication. After his apprenticeship, Robert spent the next two years working for Creative Signs in Orange County, California, that specialized in real estate development signage.

Attracted to the artistry of the past and the beautiful gold leaf signage, Robert moved to Chicago in 1984. He went to work for F.O. Carlson & Co. It was there he learned to work with gold leaf; after a couple of years, "I developed enough confidence to work on my own." So in 1986, Robert started Chicagold Sign Company, and for the past twenty years he has dedicated himself to mastering the art of gilding and sign design.

Born into a family of artists, Bruce Buckley developed an interest in lettering and graphic design soon after he was old enough to hold a pencil. By the age of twelve, Bruce started his own sign service and continued making signs through high school and college. However, he was also attracted to the field of broadcast communications and received a degree in the subject from Chicago's Columbia College. After graduation, Bruce began a twenty-year career as a radio personality in Chicago.

Although radio proved to be quite rewarding, Bruce found sign work to be even more satisfying and continued accepting lettering jobs in his spare time. It was his passion for gold leaf lettering that sparked Bruce's decision to return to his first love full time. He has now dedicated himself to mastering the art of gilding and promoting the tremendous value of gold leaf signage.